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Volvo 360 GLE

VOLVO 360GLE - TJ 41

That was one fine day when a salesman visited my office. He sold cars. He came to my office hoping to see me without having an appointment. I was a bit busy that day. There was a contentious matter to be prepared seriously before going for a full trial the next day against a counsel from Kuala Lumpur. That was a civil action brought against my client for breach of contract. The Plaintiff were seeking for an order for Specific Performance under the contract. The case will be heard before the Honorable Judge of High Court of Malaya, Kuala Terengganu...Dato' Haji Wan Mohammad bin Wan Mustaffa (as he then was)...and known  to many lawyers and practitioners as a strict and disciplined judge. If you did not well prepared for your case, you'll easily get screwed by him...not by your opponents!

So, the young salesman have to wait for hours to see me. Honestly...I really hated him at that time. My secretary already informed him that I was very busy and did not wish to see any client at that time...what more a car salesman!

But this stubborn young salesman has had his own sweet moments in my office, enjoying a comfortable air conditioned office whilst reading news papers and magazines located in the guest corner of the office. Maybe he had a nap too...

So the young salesman succeed in his first attempt to sell a car to me. When I stepped out of my room with the intent of refusing his offer, my eyes caught the brochures that he brought together with him. He asked me softly to take a look at the brochures first and asked my permission to leave them in my office. He said that it did not matter if I did not want to buy it. He then, left my office after shaking hands with me.

After he left, I took my time to read those brochures. It was about the brand new Volvo 360GLE, imported series. It was a beautiful car, smaller than the normal 240 or 244 series. Almost instantly, the car captured my heart.

a similar version of my 360 volvo

The next day, the case was adjourned because the Judge wasn't feeling well. I took advantage in that situation by giving a call to the salesman. In less than 5 minutes, he was right front of my office with the brand new 360. He offered me a test drive which I couldn't refuse it.

Next? I was in the dealers office, signing forms and documents for the brand new car. I have to wait for one week because the car with silver color was not available in their stocks.

cute car
 In less than a week later, the car was ready for me bearing registration number TJ 41. I have traded in my Toyota Corona as part of the down payment for the Volvo and retaining the old number 41. In Malaysia, exchanging the old numbers with new numbers involving old and new vehicles are allowed by the Road Traffic Department.

So, I drove the sleek and fast brand new imported 360 Volvo series which were rarely seen on the road those days. I felt very proud having driven it in my local town. It had a manual control sun roof too.

In less than 3 months, this car was involved in a terrific accident. I knocked down an electrical post after the car was out of control whilst exiting a sharp corner in a village called Merchang, Terengganu. The impact was so hard which has had broken the post in two pieces. Again, the car just like my first car (Toyota LE) was declared a total loss by the adjusters. Fortunately, like the first accident with the LE, I sustained no injury with the 360.


Volvo 360, Rear Wheel Drive compact car manufactured by Volvo in Netherlands 1982-1991.


Volvo 360 is the sportier and more luxurious version of the Volvo 340. It has a 2.0-liter Volvo Motor (B19/B200) With either Fuel Injection or carburetors, Depending on model. It replaced Volvo 340 the DLS and GLS implementations 1982. The basic model 360 GLS, (later 360GL) had 4 - or 5-speed manual transmission and 2.0-liter engine with carburetors while the sportier and more luxurious 360 GLT and GLE models have injection the same engine. In the end, all variants of Volvo 340 and 360 Lambda sensor and catalyst to all engines as standard to meet emissions standards. 

GLT-model, performance model and competing with, among others Volkswagen Golf GTi. GLE models are luxury models at launch 1984 was only with 4-door since body, But later also came with 3 - and 5-door hatchback. In the GLE model was, inter alia, central locking, alloy wheels, plush upholstery and power steering standard. Other options for an additional charge was, leather / leather seats, power windows front, electric / manual sunroof, fog lights (standard in GLT), metallic paint, air conditioning and alarm. Snikmodellen GLS / GL is more like the simpler Volvo 340 in its execution, but much of the above was an option even to the.

If you wanted a model with automatic transmission or smaller engine referred you to the cheaper 340 model. The infinitely variable belt driven transmission, Remjohan Never assembled at Volvo 360th All versions of a manual with VolvoTransmissions downloaded from 240Series.

Many Swedes also argues that the Volvo 360 is more "Volvo-rate" than Volvo 340 because it has a Volvo Motor instead of a Renault Engine and more equipment. Otherwise it is drivetrain similar to that in Volvo 340, That is, longitudinally installed engine in front, rear gearbox, built together with final drive and RWDAnd rear suspensions De Dion axle and leaf springs. The petrol tank was also placed in front rear axle, Next to the gearbox, and the spare wheel in the boot just as the early Volvo 340 with B19Engine.

Like Volvo 340 so was the Volvo 360 highly successful in rally and other motor sports. Neither Volvo 340 or 360 was promoted officially in the U.S....

Volvo 360
Volvo 360 GLE labelled.jpg
Volvo 360 GLE
Make Volvo
Manufacturing 1982-1991
Predecessor Volvo 363 CS, Volvo 340 in sports performance
Succeeded Volvo 440 GLT
Class Golf Class
Bodywork 4-d since, 3/5-d hatchback
Platform Front engine, gearbox, rear, RWD
Motor 4-cylinder in-line engine
Effect 95-115 hp
Gearbox 4/5-vxl manual
Wheelbase 240 cm
Length 432 cm
Width 166 cm
Height 144 cm
Weight ca. 1000 kg.
Fuel consumption ca. 1.1-liter Combined (360GLS 2.0 with carburetors)
Fuel Capacity 52 l
Related Volvo 340, DAF/Volvo 66
Similar Ford Escort, Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Golf, SAAB 600/Lancia Delta, Fiat Ritmo
Designer Giovanni Michelotti


  • 1984 Since the model is presented, which is 360 GLE with some luxury equipment and the injected B19E engine, minor upgrade, the shared windows in the front doors are made whole and side mirrors are moved / made of, air discharge C-pillar in 3-door models are removed.
  • 1985 GLE package is now available in 3 - and 5-door variants, since the model is now in the basic GLS performance. GLS package is converted to GL.
  • 1986 Facelift: Number plate is moved down below the bumper that grows slightly in size, B19A upgraded to B200K and B19E upgraded to B200E / F, catalyst becomes an option for this engine. GLE package aside.
  • 1989 Since the model is based, a catalyst becomes standard and Carbureted of B200 engine (B200K) aside.
  • 1990 3-door model of their service.
  • 1991 5-door model of their service and the 300 series will be decommissioned and closed down.

Body Variations 

3-dörrars halvkombi

3-door hatchback, Constructed 1982-1990, This is a later vintage with the new front and with the number plate relegated below the bumper (1985-Forward).

5-dörrars halvkombi

5-door hatchback, Constructed 1982-1991, This is a later vintage with the newer rear lights (Year models 1986 onwards).

4-dörrars sedan

4-door since, Constructed 1983-1989, This is an early vintage with the old taillights and turn signals on front fenders (model years between 1984-1985).

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